Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm back!

Hey guys. a.k.a readers (if I have one)

It has been a year hiatus before I decided to go back into the world of blogging. A lot of unexpected events happened in the past year, which turned out to be a great and awesome experience. Yep, there are still rough edges here and there but, overall, God planned what is best for me which I am thankful with.

First, I want to share with you guys that I actually finished my Access course in college. Yehey! If you are not familiar with it, Access to Higher Education: Bio science to be exact gave me the opportunity to study in my chosen university. Well, given the fact that they accept access graduate students. Since I didn't finish my four year course of Medical Technology in the Philippines, I decided to continue it here in the U.K. (As if, I have a second option. Hehe. Just kidding!) But before I could study in a university, I need to have set of qualifications in order to have a bachelor degree. So, yep. Access course is my plan A. Unlike in the Philippines wherein I have someone to take care me with, here in the U.K. I need to get my ass do the work. This gave me a big fat reality check: I NEED TO BE A GROWN UP PERSON!

I managed to study full time while I worked on weekends. To be honest, it was crucial death trap for me. Balancing my study and work at the same time is not an easy task that I thought it would be. I actually shed a couple of pounds because of stress and over fatigue. I am not even kidding. But sadly, as of now I actually gained it all back after I lost my part time job. Huhu! (10 kg in 2 months)

Second, I passed the Cambridge English Exam Level 1. Yehey! My tutor told me to continue to do the Level 2 exam, but I decided not to do it since exam fee is such a rip off. My mom and dad also passed it due to the requirement needed for our permanent residency permit here in the UK.

Third, we all passed the life in the UK test. This is quite a funny one, I studied rigorously the whole book for a month trying my best to memorize all the dates and names because I don't want to fail on that test. Doing it once is much better than doing it 5 times, right? Even my mom and dad did the same thing since the exam fee cost a fortune. When we get there, we did our best and not trying to brag but.... it's soooooo easy. Like literally, if you just read the book 2-3 times you can pass the exam. I think the only problem to some people why they fail the exam is because they didn't even try to read or understand the book.

Ohhhhh.. this is such a long post already. I will cut story for now. Hehe.I just want to end this blog post by saying I will try my very best to update my blog very often since the "past-18-year-old-Princess" was a lazy person.