Hey, as of now you are probably wondering who the heck is EXISTENCE OF PRINCESS. Haha! Let me introduced myself. My name is Princess but you can call me Cess or Cessy either of the two will do. I am a Pinay residing in the countryside of the UK, Wales. I am 20 years of age and plans to pursue medicine in the future if God permits.

I loved anything related to beauty and fashion. I could be your girl. ^wink wink. When it comes to buying clothes,thrift shops and stores that have a huge sale are my fashion mecca. I liked to get a good deal on everything I bought, of course. Since I don't have enough money to buy high-end make-up, Drugstore products are my besties.

When it comes to food, I liked Asian cuisine. I know how to cook, but I am not a good cook.. (you know what I mean) I could do some random Filipino dishes such as Adobo, Sinigang, Afritada, Menudo, Tinola, Puchero and so much more but all of them have different taste of the same dish to another. I can't do the same thing if I will try to repeat the dish. Haha!

About travel experiences, I would love love love to travel the world. I am privileged to stay here in U.K that I managed to see the London Eye, Big Ben, Edinburgh Castle and so much more. At the moment, I am just waiting for the perfect moment to do my backpacking experience in Europe next year before I start my University life. This will be my lifetime goals!!!!

To end this, this blog will serve as my DIARY. Life of adolescent period. My ups and downs as a grown up person wannabe. My life in a foreign country trying to fit in both aspect of socially and financially. lol. Kaya mo 'yan Cess! Fighting!!!