Oh hello there! Thank you for dropping by on my blog even though I am still a newbie at this stuff. Haha!

Anyway, let me introduce myself first. My name is Princess, some people called me Cess or Cessy. I lived in Northern Wales,which is a country part of the United Kingdom. I moved here together with my family for about 3 years already before I turned 18. Well, that makes me 20 of age right now. (not a kid anymore. Huhu!) 

The reason why I decided to do a blog is probably the same reason for most of the bloggers out there. To share experiences, thoughts or maybe some of the rants once in our life. I am not the best blogger out there, let me tell you.. I am not 100% grammar correct all the time too, but oooooh common, let's be real. Nobody is freaking perfect.I am just a girl trying my best to open up myself since a lot of people acquainted with me said I am such a close book, full of secrets. Wooo! Even I am not. 

Anyway, enough of that. My blog will be more on about-me-stuff, my thoughts, fashion and beauty stuff I liked, my travel experiences, food blogging and so much more. Well, basically anything under the sun. I will try my best not to be so random at some point. 

If there are any questions, enquiries or collaborations, please try to contact me here: