Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Look what I got on the mail!

Last July, I went to Coleg Menai for our graduation ceremony. Like any graduation ceremony I had been to, I received a piece of paper rolled with a red ribbon on it. Haha! Well, they told me that they will send the diploma by post anyway, so I knew from the start that this is just for the formality part of finishing the course. 
This is me after the ceremony. Photo opportunity while waiting for my dad to pick us up.

Anyway, now I can finally say I finished the course. No more paper works and assessments. Doing the long list of assignments every weekend was a burden for me because I prefer doing exams than doing numerous essays to explain what you learned on that day. Maybe some of you may find this odd, but I don't know. I prefer giving myself a challenge, checking myself if I did understand the topic or not. 

On the second thought, the graduation ceremony was quite casual. Nothing special. Like "meh". I still prefer the ceremonies that take place in the Philippines. I did the Access to H.E: Bio science and we are in a total of 18 in class when we started. Months passed by, we are getting smaller and smaller in number until only 12 of us finished the course and you know what, only 4 of us attended the ceremony. Haha! If I knew this would happen, I won't bother going there as well. Like what I said, I noticed it quite semi-formal type of ceremony. Probably because I am used to the graduation ceremony that has prayer at the beginning, opening speech or maybe sing the national anthem. Sometimes they do some intermission number in between the ceremony. 

Only 4 of us showed up. From left to right: Me, Helen, Chris and Dave. 

My chemistry, biology and environmental science tutor. 

Anyway, enough of that. The only reason why I opened it up this again is because I just received my diploma. Yeheey! I am really pleased at what I got. I can finally checked which Universities I could apply on since not all of them accept the Access course. Step 1: checked!! 

Access to Higher Education: Bio science Diploma, babyyyy!

 That's all for now. Paalam!

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