Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Blues

Every summer holidays, I always woke up late which is pretty acceptable (in my opinion). Like any other person in the world (I'm pretty sure, I'm not alone), I tend to run out of ideas on what to do on every single day, especially right now, I don't have a decent permanent work. Yeah, I worked every Thursday in a Cafe but that is not enough to sustain my hunger for productivity. So, what a typical Princess Laforga will do? Well, yeah you guess it right. Binge watching. Haha! From Korean drama to American T.V Series to a long list of anime you named it. I tried watching all of it. Of course, there are a dozen things to do literally like doing household chores and stuff. But you am I kidding, HAHAHA!

Most of you will probably think I am such a slacker right now. But please give a benefit of the doubt because this is my only time I actually relax in the past 2 years of staying here in U.K. As far as I remembered, working full time in the last 2 years, did not really gave me the opportunity to know myself. I worked. worked. worked. All I think about that time is to save up money for my university tuition. I even worked 60 hours a week. 12 hours a day. Now thinking about it, made me realized how unhealthy lifestyle I have.

I promised myself not to go back to that routine. However, now I don't have anything to do. I guess, it is the right time to go back and save money. Being a student really cost a fortune. All my earnings in my part time job as a student last year was all spent. I didn't realized how much I spent every lunch break and even unnecessary things that I bought. At first, I was so reluctant to spending a single dime since I managed to not spend any of it before I start studying. But what can I do? I don't want to be another burden on my parent's part since they are paying all the rent and saving up for our permanent residency permit. What's done is done. Now, I am planning to go back to my goal. Save enough money in preparation for my university life next year and as well as my plan going on a Euro trip. I wish I could be able to get a permanent job that will give me at least £1000 a month.

So much blabbering right now. Oh Wednesday blues it is..
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